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Act to Save Funding for the U.S. Institute of Peace!


As Congress debates the FY 2012 budget, we can not stand for any further cuts to the US Institute of Peace.  The Senate is currently debating USIP, and news in D.C. is that there could be significant cuts or possibly funding elimination.  This comes after the House voted last Summer to essentially eliminate it.

We cannot afford any more cuts. Now is the time, before the debate begins, to go on the offensive! Please contact your Senators and ask them to support full funding of $40 million to the United States Institute of Peace.

As outlined by our friends at the Alliance for Peacebuilding, sustaining funds for USIP is essential:

1) The United States Institute of Peace is Crucial for Our National Security

- United States Institute of Peace provides the training, analysis and tools that prevent and end conflicts, promotes stability and professionalizes the field of peacebuilding.
- United States Institute of Peace saves lives, increases our nation’s ability to manage conflicts before they escalate, reduces government costs, and enhances national security.

2) United States Institute of Peace Has Already Been Significantly Reduced

- FY 2011 funding - 20% cut
- Workforce - 10% cut
- In response to FY 2011 cuts, the United States Institute of Peace is already eliminating or cutting back peace operations around the world in Africa, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, genocide prevention, civil-military coordination, and advanced peacebuilding research and development.

3) Reducing Funding to United States Institute of Peace Would Be Devastating to Current Peace Operations

- United States Institute of Peace is critical to US peacebuilding in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, and countries affected by the Arab Spring.
- The day Tripoli fell, the United States Institute of Peace was on the ground in Benghazi training 160 conflict mediators.
- The case can be made that now is the time to INCREASE funding for peacebuilding.
- Peacebuilding is the cost-saving strategy for 21st century national security.
United States Institute of Peace is flexible, agile, innovative; trains locals in the capacity to provide their own security and governance; reduces the intensity and duration of military engagement; small footprint, high impact; cutting edge.
- United States Institute of Peace is exactly what’s needed to prevent future costly wars like Iraq and Afghanistan.

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