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Stop the cover up of ACT Police Officers caught abusing animals

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In May 2014, an ACT Police officer used capsicum spray on a dog that was chained up in a backyard. Fellow officers watched on, laughing, throwing things at the dog and filming it on their phones. And they would have got away with it – but the backyard CCTV camera caught them and was made public. Oops.

Then the police promised a swift internal investigation. I was advised last week that the investigation was ongoing. Then I submitted a Freedom of Information request to the police – lo and behold, two days later the investigation was completed! The police are refusing to make the investigation report public, but what we do know is that the officers involved get off - they get to keep their jobs, no criminal charges, no demotions.

If I committed such a despicable act while at work, I’d be fired on the spot and (ironically) reported to the police. And my co-workers would be outraged. Apparently the bar is set a lot lower for the police force.

I believe this outcome is nowhere near the standard the community expects of police officers. They are supposed to protect us, not terrorise those most vulnerable. I cannot stand idly by and allow this to happen. Please sign my petition asking that the investigation report be made public and that ACT Policing/AFP take a stand against animal abuse, and any abuse, by police officers. 

And in case you simply can't believe this is true (I know I find the whole thing unbelievable), I've included a link to an article and the video:

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