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Act now to make sure Australian kids are safe in child care

Today police confirmed they are investigating horrific reports of abuse at a Queensland child care centre.

Sadly the ongoing crisis in the child care industry means many Aussie kids may not receive the quality of care they deserve. Qualified educators earn just $18.50 an hour. With 180 educators leaving every week, some centres are forced to take who they can get or risk closing their doors.

The government has been repeatedly warned a day like this would come. But they haven’t done what it will take to fix the crisis, in part because lobbyists representing parts of the “for profit” childcare sector are opposed to it.

Their lobbyists have been quoted saying parents have nothing to worry about.

Tell them you are worried – and you support a government funded wage increase for workers so all Aussie kids get the highest quality education and care.

Please note: This petition relates to staffing and quality issues in the sector which may lead to such events. United Voice makes no comment regarding the specific case highlighted today.

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