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ACT NOW: Save 13th District Police Station

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On October 12, 2011, Mayor Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy issued a proposed budget where three police stations out of 25 would be closed, this includes the 13th District Police Station on Wood located at 937 N. Wood St. The Mayor has cited reasons such as these are the three oldest stations located in relatively low crime areas, and the surrounding newer stations can absorb the additional police, plus he claims this act will get more beat cops on the streets.

However, removing this station would diminish safety in our neighborhood by removing guaranteed police presence. With the station located on Wood St., there are police always around and patrolling the 13th District. Also, by removing the station, the decision on where police officers should patrol in the 13th Dist. will be left to the mercy of bureaucrats and administrators who know and care little of our neighborhood. Vital decision making personnel will be removed from our neighborhood and disrupt long-standing relationships between district commanders and our community. Moving the station to the new 12th District at 14th and Racine will significantly reduce officer response time to our community and to other officers requiring back up. It will also remove a beacon of safety for the areas around the 13th District Station which economically developed because of the Station. Property values will be in jeopardy and the neighborhood will decline. The City will save insignificant amounts of money by closing this station, but the cost to the community and property values are very high. There are still burglaries, break-ins, car thefts, vandalism, armed robberies, physical assaults, thefts and other serious crimes in our neighborhood which endanger the safety of our children, our families, ourselves, and our property.

Safety for our children, businesses, our homes and our community should be a priority. Removing a critical police station in a time when crime is increasing in Chicago and in our neighborhood should not even be on the Mayor's budget proposal. See this page for crime in our district and information on the 13th District Police station: Other less dangerous cost saving measures that do not include removing police stations and police from our neighborhood, should be explored first and considered, including cost saving modernization of the station or cost reductions across all 25 stations to save 3 stations, including the 13th. Not removing the three stations.

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