ACT NOW: Save 13th District Police Station

I live in beat 1312. My home was broken into on 30 SEP 11 @ 2:50PM. I missed the burglar by 45 minutes when I left to go to work. My neighbor had called 911, and was told that because she was NOT the resident of the home, the police would need to have the OWNER present and would show up when the owner came home. Thankfully, Sgt. Richard Gonzalez is a family friend and was able to IMMEDIATELY respond to the address when I called him upon my notification from my neighbor. My neighbor had left me a voicemail on my cell since she couldn't reach my cell as I am an airline pilot and was flying at the time she called. Sgt. Gonzalez's response time to assist my wife and children was DEFINITELY shorter as he was in the NEIGHBORHOOD RELATIONS office in 013 when I called, which if he'd been in the Neighborhood Relations office at the PROPOSED SITE, would have been EASILY 20 minutes longer.

Tony Olivieri, Chicago, IL, United States
9 years ago
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