Protect the Pacific Remote Islands from commercial interests

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Imagine an ocean-scape where reefs are covered with coral; dolphins, whales and turtles roam; large fish swarm in schools; sharks rule, and multiple species of sea birds forage. The Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument is a place you hope exists—and it does.

In April 2017, President Trump signed an executive order to review the protections of our nation’s land and sea monuments, including the Pacific Remote Islands. Now, this area is under direct threat for rollbacks by the administration. We must tell President Trump that this collection of islands and atolls are too precious to be used for deep-sea mining, commercial fishing or other harmful industrial practices.

Globally, the ocean is in peril. About 90% of all large ocean fish are gone. Almost half of the world's coral reefs have disappeared in the last 30 years. Researchers tells us that by the end of the century, if carbon dioxide emissions continue to grow at the current pace, the ocean could become 150% more acidic. To fend off catastrophe, leading marine scientists agree that at least 30% of the ocean needs to be set aside in marine reserves to protect fish populations and keep ecosystems healthy.

With no residents and a thriving marine ecosystem, the Pacific Remote Islands is an ideal place for such protection. Please sign this petition to urge President Trump to leave existing protections in place for the Pacific Remote Islands.

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