Ban airbnb from Canberra.

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Airbnb is a scourge on Canberra.
-It has driven up the price of rent (as demand outstrips supply, and homeowners opt to use airbnb rather than rent out their home).
-Homeowners have started a trend of 11 month leases, so they can rent to airbnb guests over the Christmas holidays.
-Constant noise, litter, and parking problems.
-Airbnb hosts are not paying the proper land rates for a commercial property (what their home becomes once they choose to use it as a bed and breakfast). Those land taxes are needed to maintain Canberra's roads, hospitals, and schools. The shortfall is made up by taxpayers, and homeowners who have to pay ever increasing landrates.
-Hotel owners are losing money to airbnb.

Ban airbnb from Canberra. Alternately, classify airbnb as a business, and require every airbnb host to get an appropriate ABN, and apply to reclassify their home as a commercial zone (non-residential).

Personal story
I live across the road from two airbnb properties (one house that was subdivided), beside another airbnb house, and around the corner from a third airbnb property. For the past few years, my family and I have had to contend with airbnb guests who park illegally, dump litter throughout the street, and even threats of violence and threats of sexual assault from airbnb guests. I have complained to airbnb on multiple occasions, and they could not care less. I doubt I am the only person with those issues.