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Make modern gynaecological equipment more widely available in Australian public hospitals

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The purpose of my petition is to:

-Have the risks of speculum use in higher risk gynaceological cases acknowledged
-The reduction of the use of outdated equipment that increases risk to unborn children and mothers in particular cases, particularly speculums
-To make more widely available purpose built or modified laparoscopic equipment for obstetric and gynaecological diagnostics to replace many instances of manual (insertion of hands) vaginal examinations and many instances of speculum use
-Making clear, recordable imagery from a thin elongated laparoscopic camera/light with a small optional dilating device attached to the camera head for clearer imagery available for use in public hospitals to replace the speculum in many cases.
-This imagery is much clearer than what can be provided by a speculum, safer, poses less risk of miscarriage and further damage to the cervix and can be sent to specialists for further advice.

-More regular use of compact and purpose built laparoscopic cameras can reduce the harm/risk/pain and distress caused by the overuse of speculums and vaginal examinations using the insertion of the hands

-Provide clear and recordable imagery that can be sent to specialists and kept on record.

-Reduce pain and distress to the patient.

This petition is not about the particular personnel involved but about the techniques and equipment that is currently used to investigate certain health issues in pregnancy such as threatened miscarriage etc.

I believe the procedure they perform to try to gather diagnostic information actually caused more harm and more pain than any possible benefit. It caused pain, contractions and seemed to further damage the cervix by putting pressure on the area and expanding it.

The procedure using an archaic device- a speculum can actually worsen the damage to the cervix and caused extreme pain and discomfort whilst providing limited visual information to the clinician.

Of course old techniques and devices that are hundreds of years old (such as speculums) will have their place at times. But many times there is no good reason why a safer updated technology could not used.

Why can't they use a modified purpose built version of a laparascopic device- ie. a very thin elongated tube with a camera/light with a rotatable head and small dilating device to get a better picture whilst causing less damage and pain to gather the same information.

In pregnancy complications and threatened miscarriage, inserting bulky devices can actually potentially cause further damage, even potentially worsen the potential risk of miscarriage, especially if membranes are already weakened, by exerting force upon delicate tissues.

Why not update the technology in use? It could reduce harm and save the lives of unborn children potentially.

This simple and already available technology could also replace the need for some manual VE's (vaginal examinations) which cause distress an sometimes damage in delicate cases.

I would like to know why policies and procedures are not updated to include easily available technology?

It brings to mind the Hippocratic Oath "first do no harm" which doctors take.

I can say definitively that when I went to hospital that this oath was broken. I put my faith in the registrar and they caused further damage to the cervix because of archaic processes and equipment.

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