Cannibis Farms should only be permitted on industrial zoned land in the ACRD

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Cannabis farming has many negative effects and should be banned from residential areas, agricultural land and near public places. Health effects for local residents and tourists can include increased asthma episodes from mould, pollen, and strong smells associated with cannabis. Use of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals will likely contaminate local water supplies, lakes, and other sensitive water areas that humans and wildlife rely on.  There are nearby beautiful lakes and campgrounds that will be ruined forever once the stench from these farms pollutes the area. Tourism jobs will be lost and residents and their children will be trapped inside their homes in an effort to escape the overwhelming odours. Property values, quality of life, tourism, the environment and the local water supply are all in danger. 

Please sign this petition to tell the ACRD Board of Directors to allow cannabis farming only in industrial zoned land that is a minimum 10 kms from residential zones land and public places.