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Acme Markets: End Discrimination Practices

Discrimination is illegal. It is not less of a crime just because the victims often go unheard. The scars left last a lifetime. Men and women have sacrificed their lives and freedom for the rights we the civil rights we have today. Yet for a young black woman with a big bag these rights were ignored.

I went to Acme Supermarkets in Dover, DE, November 10, 2010 around 7:15pm to buy some food after class. I walked around looking for the items I wanted. Then I asked a frozen-food stocker where the Hillshire sausage was. We searched around, then went to the deli section where I saw a man in an apron walk into the back. She said let me ask someone in the deli and walked in the back after him. Then a few seconds later she came back and said they must have all left. She then showed me the alternative version and I continued shopping. I put the alternative summer suasage and rasin bread into my hand basket. I was walking down the condiment aisle when a man named Kevin wearing a Acme shirt said to me, "We have you on camera stealing, and an employee saw you stealing. Come to the front office." I smiled at first because I thought it was a joke. He said, "If you're not stealing, open your bag. If you didn't steal anything we'll give you a gift card." I opened the big part  and he looked in and saw there was nothing stolen. Then he said, "And the other part." I opened the little part and he saw there was nothing stolen. He said, "When you come to the front ask for me and I'll give you a $5 gift card." I was humiliated and embarrassed. I put back the two items I was going to buy and walked to the front of the store by the customer service desk. I asked for Kevin. An employee walked towards the front office and the other employees said here he is. Kevin and I walked towards each other and he handed me a $5 gift card. He said, "You probably dropped them out of your bag, but I can't prove it." As I left the store the employees in the front of the store all laughed loudly. I got in my car, called my mother, and drove home.

I hope with this petition even if I never see justice, someone else will be prevented from experiencing the humiliation and pain I have.  


This petition was delivered to:
  • President Pro Tempore
    Anthony J. DeLuca
  • Representative
    Donald A. Blakey
  • Fourth District Representative
    David L. Anderson
  • Second District Representative
    William P. McGlumphy
  • At-Large Representative
    Thomas J. Leary
  • Mayor
    Carleton E. Carey, Sr.
  • Fourth District Representative
    Sophia R. Russell
  • First District Representative
    James L. Hutchison, Sr.
  • Third District Representative
    David L. Bonar
  • Commissioner Levy Court District 2
    Bradley S. Eaby
  • Associate Attorney General Justice Department
    Thomas J. Perrelli
  • EEOC
  • Senator
    Harris B. McDowell III
  • Representative
    William J. Carson
  • Assistant Attorney General Justice Department
    Thomas E. Perez
  • Attorney General Justice Department
    Eric Holder
  • Delaware State News
  • NBC Philadelphia
  • Representative
    Michael A. Barbieri
  • Representative
    John C. Atkins
  • Representative
    Debra J. Heffernan
  • Senator
    Bruce C. Ennis
  • Senate Majority Whip
    Margaret Rose Henry
  • Senator
    Michael S. Katz
  • Senator
    Karen E. Peterson
  • Senate Minority Leader
    F. Gary Simpson
  • Representative
    E. Bradford Bennett
  • Representative
    Stephanie T. Bolden
  • Supervalu CEO and President
    Craig R. Herkert
  • Supervalu Director, Media Relations
    Jeff S. Swanson
  • Senator
    George H. Bunting Jr.
  • Senate Majority Leader
    Patricia M. Blevins
  • Senator
    David P. Sokola
  • Senator
    Robert L. Venables Sr.
  • Senator
    David G. Lawson
  • Representative
    Gerald L. Brady
  • Representative
    Melanie L George
  • Speaker of the House
    Robert F. Gilligan
  • Editor
    Philly News

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