Remove the ad using Jesus on the Cross to promote organ donation.

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Hey everyone, 

I saw on the news today that a new TV ad will be aired soon which depicts Jesus on the cross as a means to promote organ donation:

It shows Jesus on the cross with two Roman soldiers explaining why He needs to sign up to be an organ donor. They raise a phone up to Him to sign Him up and take a selfie with Him whilst on the cross. 

Although I can see the need for more organ donors (as a surgical nurse myself), I feel that the advertisement itself is highly derogatory. It is disrespectful and undermines the power of the cross that we place our hope in. 

I am launching this campaign to have this advertisement prevented from airing on television. We cannot be silent on this issue. 

If you have any advice on how to further this cause, please let me know. 

Yours in Christ,

Dané Craill

Ps. Don’t need your money just your support. We don't get any money towards our cause from this- it all goes to

Update: I am glad that it’s starting some conversations guys! For some of us, it might be a segway to talk about Jesus in our work areas, others have shown some strong opposition to the ad. Either way, keep pressing on!