Rock the Census #rockthecensus

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ROCK THE CENSUS #rockthecensus

If the census bureau and the Justice Department insist on including an individual citizenship question on the U.S. Census, it is our duty to ensure that this census be devoid of accuracy or usable data. This will already be the case, as we are well aware  this question will deter undocumented individuals from completing the form, therefore leaving them unrepresented. Our motto is simple;  If one is not counted, then none should be counted. If one is targeted, we are all targets. If they come for them, when will they come for you? Our plan is simple. When it comes time for us to fill out our census, we will NOT identify as U.S. citizens, instead opting to identify as a community of immigrants that together make up the fabric of America.  We hope you will consider standing beside our brothers and sister who help make America who she is.

Our Rallying Cry:
If they're not American, I'm not American

If one is not counted, none are counted

If they come for them, when will they come for us


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