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ACLU Support Natives, Standing Rock is not over, ALL ACTIVISTS at Risk

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The ACLU has over 1.7 million members. They received millions recently to work on "immigration" yet when people try to contact their office they do not want any interaction with them. 

I am an indigenous, Latinx, a woman from Detroit, Michigan. I have been doing organizing work within the immigrant activism world for nearly a decade. Yet, after all this time of free work, I finally need the help of a national organization with far more resources than I have and I am being ignored. 

My boyfriend is currently facing charges from the Standing Rock water protector actions that could get him a minimum of 10 years in prison. He is facing
1. Civil Disorder
2. Use of Fire to commit a Federal Crime (min. 10 yr penalty) 

His trial is set in an area where he will most likely not get a fair trial. The outcome of his trial could potentially discourage other people of color to stand up for their rights. He has strategically been targeted to be an example and send a message for people to NOT exercise their right to freedom of speech and protest. 

YES, that is CORRECT this can and most likely WILL affect everyone in this current political climate if he is convicted. 

Brennon DID NOT start the fire they are referring to. He was NOT a leader at this camp. He was invited and stayed to protect people. 

Brennon (Bravo 1) is the GUY with the HAT. That peacefully de-escalated the situation with the hired security guard used by DAPL that entered the camp with a loaded AR-15 and pointed it at innocent women, children, and people. (Pictures and videos 

Does saving NATIVE lives mean Brennon should do Jail time? Is this act NOT enough for the ACLU and everyone else want to ACT and help SAVE HIS LIFE? 

Brennon risked everything confronting Kyle Thompson that day. Yet, now his life is threatened and none of these social justice groups that have gotten millions want to help him?!

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