ACLO Groningen should refund Semester Fitness Cards to students

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Daniel Anadria
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ACLO sport center has agreed to provide students with their semester membership for 50 euros and for additional 40 euros allow access to the gym facilities. These facilities have been closed due to COVID-19 measures. ACLO has refused to refund students' fitness fees for the gym in spite of not providing the service. They argue that they are experiencing financial difficulties and provide online exercise videos as an alternative. As this differs from the original agreement stated in the contract, it cannot be seen as valid. As an organization that is a part of RUG, the financial problem should be addressed and solved internally and not passed down to poor students.

I personally work four jobs next to my studies and struggle with finances. I am not in capacity to finance this organization that is forcing me to do so by keeping my money and not providing the promised service.

We want ACLO to refund students' fitness card costs for the second semester. Otherwise we will organize activities to boycott the organization in the future.