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Stronger Police Powers and No Bail For Violent Criminals 加强警力并不再允许保释暴力犯罪者

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社会需要保护,我们强烈呼吁维州政府制定更严格强势的法律。 1月20日一名有暴力史的男子在市中心步行街开车撞死了5名行人并使多人受伤,逝者中年龄最小的仅仅3个月。这名单子不仅暴力,且在过往有涉毒犯罪经历,他本应被关押在监狱中,却因维州司法系统软弱的保释条例而逍遥法外。这是州长Daniel Andrews,州法官以及维州警务部门的责任。

Our community must be protected - we demand Victorian government toughen laws!

On Friday,  20 January a single man with violent history murdered 5 people and injured many others. His youngest victim is a 3 months old baby. This man was violent, drug criminal and should have been in jail but was given bail by a Victorian government weak legal system. This is responsibility of Daniel Andrew's, Judiciary and Police Commissioner.


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