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I Thank Everyone who signed this important petition so far! Wow and thank you. There are a lot of good people who care about this situation, but there are still to many who either don’t care or think of it as just another Asylum Seeker/Refugee Situation. It’s anything but just another one. This petition is important because if everyone involved (including the UNHCR & Governments), can acknowledge the emergency situation with Junior Mayema; treating it as the Emergency It Really Is, someone will take action faster than someone else. Someone will see the Emergency, react as concerned as we are, and help her to get out of South Africa - to come to us in Ontario Canada - just a little bit faster. Please sign this petition “confirming that it is an Obvious Emergency & Deep Concern of yours” and that action be taken immediately from where ever and who ever possible. This is a Petition for PETITIONING to receive Emergency Assistance and as of this moment there is still assistance, just not an Emergency one. The process of things to make this happen can take years so we need all the encouragement and action possible, because this is not an average Refugee Asylum Seeker Case, this is one that deserves special emergency attention and action. I have removed the Target email addresses so that no one will be bombarded by emails from this petition every time there‘s a signature, all the people involved in helping don‘t like that and it can make things worse for June; but the signatures remain as important as before. Even more important as time goes by, because we’ll never know when we’ll need them, but we may need them one day. We need them to prove there are people who care; know what’s happening with June, and wanting her to be in Canada and Sponsored by my Edward as soon as possible. For it is an emergency that she be free from South Africa Yesterday. It is to take a long time, but I expect all the work being done for June will reach a successful point at some point, with your help of course, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart; and from the top of June’s. Thank you to all, and I look forward in seeing how much you support us; with your efforts to share; Like & Tweet the petition as well as the other pages regarding June and her Freedom. For more information; so you could understand more and do what ever you can to help out, please visit the Blog page that I update regularly for my followers to know what’s going on: after you sign this Letter Petition in the Tab above titled “Petition Letter”. Thank U 4 caring & U R the best. - Ari R. Kolman

Letter to
All Those Involved with Having Her Come To Canada
And All Those Involved in Canada That Will Help Her Stay
This letter is In Regards to the Extremely Dangerous Conditions & Environment surrounding Mr. Junior Mayema residing in South Africa, Cape Town right now and living scared everyday. Junior is a Transgender Feminine gay Congolese Male who has fled from The Congo; to Cape Town where he thought he would be safe, but he is not and as everyday goes by - potential danger comes along with; because of Homophobia, Femaphobia and Xenophobia.

I had to write this Letter so that you may believe and acknowledge how dangerous it is for Trangendered Gay Congolese Junior in South Africa, and all the people who are signing also believe it is dangerous for Junior in South Africa. The Signatures below are from people who agree and want June to be allowed to Leave South Africa Immediately; and to able to come to Canada for continuing her education & becoming a landed immigrant of Canada.

It may take a long time, lots of money, lots of confusion and lots of patients, because it’s just not simple. There is no simple Emergency Track to take, no fast tracking what so ever. No simple papers, no simple meetings and definitely no simple procedures, but for an Emergency Transgender Congolese case in south africa - it should be simple and completed already just by hearing out the case. Time passes by and it may look safe for gays and lesbians in South Africa, but it is not safe for this Congolese Trangendered Feminine Gay Boy; not even in the GLBT Community.

Born Protestant: Transgender Gay Male: Had Started Studying Law at the University of Kinshasa before she had to flee,, Knows English, Français, Born in Kinshasa on July 30, 1987 - and not only in the Gay & Lesbian Community in South Africa is there Femaphobia, but also racisim against Congolese people & still Homophobia against Transgender People.

Edward & I are in Ontario Canada and wanting to Sponsor Junior after he gets help and able to leave that Unsafe Continent. Not only will we sponsor him but we’ve been sending him money for rent and food and we will continue until he arrives. The only thing stopping him from leaving to come to Ontario Canada is the paper work between governments , Human Rights Lawyers and NGO‘s.

The next thing stopping her from being allowed to leave, is permission from both places South Africa and Canada. Permission because they need the proper papers to be filed. Proper meaning the best course of action, and at the moment there is no best course of action because the best course would be a course made for Emergencies. Clearly there is none because there is “0” fast track to help Asylum Seeker Victims in Emergencies.

The governments limit the NGO’s & Human Rights Lawyers in every Country, with promises that there will be no Political Agenda with any of it. They are not allowed to Politically Speak Out for Help the way I am, and they are not allowed to speak out against the way a place is not taking fast action to save someone. They can decide not to help. Period.

The amount of things done and the way things are done must be followed by their rule book of “Space & Time“, when we do not have that. They give you choices that do not apply, and they give you the best options that also are not the best (but ridiculous at best).

The end of the month is here now and Ed and I will be sending our NGO Contact, money for June’s New Rent in a New Place that will be safer; and that she’s moving into right away. We will do this each month until something is successful in all of our actions that will show everyone involved; that we need to Save June Equality Mayema Now. She is a value to any Society and Canada will be happy to have her that is for sure.

It is my partner Edward that is sending his money for her now (not to mention spending a lot of time on phone calls and information seeking), and it is he who will be the legal Sponsor when the time comes. We care about her and needless to say you know he is like my Sister now. Not only my sister but my Daughter also because he’s 20 years younger than I am, feminine as I am, and needs my Help.

When she gets here (if she gets here) she will also need our help for a long time, like forever so we’re ready for that and will feel like we’re helping our own family member that we Love and will always be there for.

Ed and I have been very concerned for June’s safety and so,, I’m the administrator of many websites and pages that are online right now explaining her case to the world, and as you can see below there’s a lot of support for June’s Case (or Emergency Cause). I have followers and fans of mine that are aware of the situation and the help she’s receiving (not to mention the help she’s not receiving and should be right now). She’s made her plight known online as well, and together we are trying with Passop & Friends to legally get her to Canada safe and sound as fast as possible.

But since Fast is not possible, More Danger May Be. I’ve been writing in the Blogesphere Online for many years and established as a trustable caring source to Quality News, Posts, Campaigns & Feeds. I met Junior through Facebook, and I’m Transgender myself; a feminine gay male, so I have been the one identifying with her the most. I keep a page of Blogs just for updates to our followers, and Junior and I have been communicating online for a long time.

Canada will not do a thing until Junior is here. No Help From Anyone who Is Affiliated with The Government in Any Way; and that includes registered charities, registered NGO‘s, or registered Human Rights Lawyers taking part in any cases involving asylum seekers and refugees who are not here but want to come here for safety.

Our concern is if she will be alive tomorrow but we will try to keep her safe by supporting her financially while living in various places at various times. Because she is a targeted gay person; Trangendered, girly, sensitive, obvious, naturally happy and all the sissy; panzy, fairy jokes you can think of. He is like a girl, so he’s a girlyboy and so am I. Ed is not, Ed is one hundred percent amazing Male, but June has been in hell waiting for things to be hurried and there just isn’t a “hurry” when you deal with Government.

She is in terrible states, so frantically with Love & Concern I use the term “she” because I’m now her family and need to have her with me. Ed and I are willing to except her whole heartedly into our lives and can’t wait until it happens but it‘s not even allowed to happen at the moment. The Violence against Trangendered gay boys and also anyone who is Congolese (especially male Transgender and girly) is happening right now whether it’s allowed or not; it has found her and will find her again.

I don’t know if you know about her but she’s been trying for a long time to get the word out about her plight, and at the same time trying to help others online with theirs. By the time it finally clicked in; how in trouble she was, after getting to know her, our friendship bloomed into family so I was needing to immediately start helping her.

Can you help us on this emergency please? She has been attacked also by people allowing her to live with them, she’s always in trouble because she can’t hide her girly feminine ways like I can, and all we can do is keep sending her money, communicating with the NGO‘s and Human Rights Lawyers who are also concerned, and hope she can keep herself safe until the time comes where she can leave to Canada (if they allow her).

Thank you for the time; concern, and work you do fighting for the Human Rights of All. Gays and Lesbians are getting safer as time goes by, but the Feminine Transgender boy from Congolese is still very unsafe. Please Help Us Help June.