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Acknowledge Emergency Case of Transgender Male June in South Africa.

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I Thank Everyone who signed this important petition so far! Wow and thank you. There are a lot of good people who care about this situation, but there are still to many who either don’t care or think of it as just another Asylum Seeker/Refugee Situation. It’s anything but just another one. This petition is important because if everyone involved (including the UNHCR & Governments), can acknowledge the emergency situation with Junior Mayema; treating it as the Emergency It Really Is, someone will take action faster than someone else. Someone will see the Emergency, react as concerned as we are, and help her to get out of South Africa - to come to us in Ontario Canada - just a little bit faster. Please sign this petition “confirming that it is an Obvious Emergency & Deep Concern of yours” and that action be taken immediately from where ever and who ever possible. This is a Petition for PETITIONING to receive Emergency Assistance and as of this moment there is still assistance, just not an Emergency one. The process of things to make this happen can take years so we need all the encouragement and action possible, because this is not an average Refugee Asylum Seeker Case, this is one that deserves special emergency attention and action. I have removed the Target email addresses so that no one will be bombarded by emails from this petition every time there‘s a signature, all the people involved in helping don‘t like that and it can make things worse for June; but the signatures remain as important as before. Even more important as time goes by, because we’ll never know when we’ll need them, but we may need them one day. We need them to prove there are people who care; know what’s happening with June, and wanting her to be in Canada and Sponsored by my Edward as soon as possible. For it is an emergency that she be free from South Africa Yesterday. It is to take a long time, but I expect all the work being done for June will reach a successful point at some point, with your help of course, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart; and from the top of June’s. Thank you to all, and I look forward in seeing how much you support us; with your efforts to share; Like & Tweet the petition as well as the other pages regarding June and her Freedom. For more information; so you could understand more and do what ever you can to help out, please visit the Blog page that I update regularly for my followers to know what’s going on: after you sign this Letter Petition in the Tab above titled “Petition Letter”. Thank U 4 caring & U R the best. - Ari R. Kolman

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