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Achieve gender equality in school sports

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At my school, the boys have to play rugby and cricket and the girls have to play hockey, rounders and netball. I want to play cricket and I think that some boys would rather play hockey than rugby. I don't really want to play rugby but some girls might. There's no physiological reason why girls and boys should play different sports.

In the UK men and women are protected by law from discrimination on the grounds of sex. The same should be true in our schools. Cricket is a sport that I enjoy outside school and I would like the opportunity to play it during school, but as a girl, I'm not allowed to play. England's women's cricket is missing out on talented players because girls aren't given the chance to practice cricket at school.

Recently, the boys even went on a school trip to watch a rugby match, whilst the girls had to stay at school. I think that's unfair, especially as the boys weren't even playing in the game, they were just watching.

If we get lots of signatures, we can ask our school to re-examine their policy on gender equality in sport so that girls and boys can choose which sports that they wish to play. Maybe we can even encourage other schools to do the same and ask the Minister for Women and Equalities and the Minister for Education, Justine Greening, to discuss this matter in parliament and to put an end to out-dated gender discrimination in school sports right across the UK. This will enable girls and boys to have equal opportunities to play the sports that they enjoy at school, which will help more children enjoy sport and help to keep them fit and healthy.

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