Remove the limit of 3 attempts to pass the LANTITE test for Education students.

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In Australia, all university students studying education must pass both literacy and numeracy standardized LANTITE tests. These tests cost approximately $100 each and charge for each attempt of sitting it, there are 4 opportunities to sit this test each year.

An unfortunate issue for thousands of passionate students is the limit of 3 attempts of passing this test.
This means that if a student has studied for 4 years and have accumulated approximately $25,000 - $40,000 in debt, failing the test 3 times leaves them with nothing. No qualification for the tremendous amounts of effort, time and money.

It is inevitable for students to have disadvantages in these test conditions, such as people with severe anxiety or English as a second language, it is apparent that there is very little recognition or consideration for diverse students with disadvantages.

There are many reasons why people may be against standardized testing, however I understand there must be some form of standards in place, especially for our next generation of teachers.
All I ask is for the limit of 3 attempts to be removed, students requiring additional attempts should still pay the fees and only have access to the 4 test windows annually.
If this petition is successful, students who have the potential of becoming amazing teachers will not be robbed of their future and goals, let alone their years of dedication to study and debts.


Many people believe that these test results DO NOT represent our ability to teach, in education there are far more important factors to be an effective teacher such as behaviour management, relationship building, resilience, organisation, passion, judgments and drive.
There are also flaws in this test. With the majority of questions being multiple choice it has been heard of that students will sit it for 30 minutes, guess the answers then receive their results to find that they have passed. Whereas students who have achieved HDs in their assessments, passed professional experience placements and have passed exams, may fail this test. Therefore achieving nothing.

Quoted from ACER "It is not possible to give special consideration to test results for impaired performance on the day of the test caused by illness, misadventure or an unexpected personal situation".
Let that sink in. Consider the unfortunate events that could potentially effect a students performance before sitting the test, understand that next to nothing is taken into account of anyone's failure.

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