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Accused Statutory rapist/child molester not arrested

Because the individual (the accused) should not be allowed to walk the streets!
Having sexual intercourse with children is against the law and we as Americans should be able to rest at night Knowing that our children are safe!

Kern County Sheriffs Department has been given evidence against "the accused" enough evidence to make an arrest and charge "the accused" with the crime.

Evidence provided to KCSD is as fallows:

"the accused" own admission of guilt for multiple statutory rape/child molestations

Facebook posts by the accused saying things like "Love isnt innocent", "age is just a number", etc. (openly on his Facebook wall)

Witness testimony against the accused (not only for statutory rape/child molestation) but for assaults, "the accused" making terrorist threats against witnesses as well as victims, video footage of "the accused" committing assaults, as well as FB wall posts stating, "hes a dead man walking", "ima put him six feet under", "ima blast him" (all FB wall post threats towards the same witness).

Signed Victim afidativ's

Family Members of victims expressing they want charges pressed

Pictures of "the accused" kissing minor children (open mouth)

The most disturbing part is... "the accused" claims Kern County Sheriffs Department gave him names of victims and witnesses on who filed the complaint against him... WTF! Complete violation of VITIMS RIGHTS!!!

What even gets more scary is... "the accused" is alledged to be an Informant for Kern County Sheriffs Department... "The accused" is a white supremacist, openly preaches in public forums on WHITE PRIDE. He is accused of sexual intercouse with a minor african american girl as well as several other minor children. The KCSD has more than enough evidence to make an arrest... Yet they do not...

"the accused" openly states that He was instructed by KCSD to delete his FB profile and wall posts so that the evidence would not be retrievable. "the accused" states KCSD Detective in charge of the investigation gave him victim and witness names.... Since names have been provided to the accused 3 victims have been brutally assaulted... yet no arrests. (worst part about it is... there is video footage of assaults, one assault "the accused" himself does). 

It would be a sad world to see, if in fact "the accused" is being allowed to continue molesting minor children because he provides information on other crimes to KCSD. "the accused" knows victims who charges pressed, he has partook in gang violence (2 gang riots/battles that we know of) cops caught him.... no arrest made... multiple statutory rape/child molestation incodences.... cops aware... no arrests made... victims further push for arrest... His FB information is deleted... (but retrievable if in 8 months of deletion and FB will recover information if supplied a Subpeona from a Governement agency)

To KCSD: We are parents, we are people, we care for our children... ARREST "the accused" H.D. <--- that is how KCSD can Identify "the accused" 

for more information (Facebook posts from the accused, etc) email

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