Let Philly Bully Team Save Philly Dogs!

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In September 2019, Philly Bully Team was banned from pulling animals from ACCT Philly. ACCT Philly is the cities ONLY open intake shelter and routinely places animals on the euthanasia list. Philly Bully Team was a very active partner with ACCT Philly, saving the most at risk dogs in the facility. PHBT has spent tens of thousands of dollars in training and medical costs in 2019 saving dogs from ACCT that would have otherwise been euthanized for treatable conditions. Along with pulling at risk dogs, PHBT has also made large scale donations, organized a protest for more funding for ACCT, created social media groups to help get dogs out faster, offered to help assess dogs for free, advocated for the staff of ACCT against poor public perception, offered to raise money for large scale items etc etc. to make the shelter a better place for the city and its animals. PHBT has been banned for having non-escalating disagreements with several staff members over a two year period, including: 

 We had  told someone surrendering a colony cat in the waiting room to put the cat back in its colony. The person complained to an employee. The employee went approach Marvin about it. Marvin was carrying Julian (don’t know if you remember him. He was a huge medical case) out of the building and blew her off because he had a dying dog in his arms

2. One of my board members was in the waiting room when someone dumped a dog that was hit by a car on the floor and ran away. The board member chased the guy out screaming at him. Totally unacceptable. I own that.

3. An ACO showed up to man handle a dog that we were trying to help that was being aggressive. Him and Marvin got into a verbal altercation. They were both in the wrong. The ACO was being aggressive and rude  and we wouldnt ’t let it go.

4. A staff member said Marvin yelled at her. I was with Marvin when they were on the phone. It’s 100% a lie. 5. A bunch of people emailed ACCT when they wouldn’t let us pull a medical case because she was on a stray hold. I didn’t ask anyone to email them so I don’t know why I’m being held responsible


None of these reasons reflect in how we treat the animals in our care.  A clash of personalities shouldn't affect lifesaving efforts.