Save Coco Beach!

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Coco beach has become a waste site; “waste” in every sense of it. From plastic to organic, including literal human waste can be found on the stretch behind the Ramada Hotel all the way to the little fishing community sitting atop a cliff, west of the hotel.

I visited the little village and discovered that the lagoon connected to the sea via a shallow waterway stretching about two meters had been officially made a dumping site of the little fishing community. Much of the beach close to them had also not been spared.  Pigs can be spotted basking in the trash as people prepare fish for sale close by.

I dared closer to the base of the cliff but I had to turn around because of the amount of human waste I saw there. The stench was worse. To put it mildly, I ended up gagging while grabbing my stomach to stop myself from puking.

The situation is dire, and if nothing is done about this as soon as possible the price to be paid would be grave. Aquatic life is threatened, the quality of fish we consume is at stake, the probability of an epidemic is high, land degradation is evident there and the lagoon will soon dry up.

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