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"Accountability, Justice and Change" -Paramedics get suspended for only "Two days"

We don't want this to happen to anyone again ever, regardless of their social and economic background.  Love is not a feeling, its a commitment.  We are committed to Joanne Rodriguez and son.

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We don’t need Two Million Signatures! We want our Federal, State and Local Public Officials to support Justice for Joanne by calling, writing and advocating particularly to the Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers and the President of Firefighter’s Union Local 22 Bill Gault and other city officials and councils who can authorize Justice and accountability for Joanne Rodriguez and her 3 month old baby who now struggles with medical problems as a result of the accident!! Family wants a written transcript of the 911 tape and proper accountability sanctions to the EMT workers who failed to provide Joanne Rodriguez proper medical care!!
Was it necessary for Joanne Rodriguez to die as a result of lack of proper care by first responders and ambulance jam doors from the City of Philadelphia? No
Joanne Rodriguez, a 24year old who was 9months pregnant and having trouble breathing when she fell down the stairs of her home dies and her unborn now suffers from medical problems. The family says she was asthmatic and on medication for a blood clot. Medic 22 took three minutes to get from the firehouse to their home. Surveillance video from the family home shows the medics walking into the house without any medical equipment. According to that surveillance video, it took eight minutes for the medics to bring Rodriguez out of the home and another minute before the emergency workers gave her any oxygen. Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers was Quoted in NBC10 Philadelphia saying "We want to give people oxygen if they're having difficulty breathing immediately and that's one of the things we are looking at as well,".
The EMT finally gets there and here is what they tell Joanne Rodriguez 'OK ma'am I need you to sit up “ , “You need to do your part”, as Joanne begged them laying on the ground, 'Please, I can't breathe, I'm weak, I can't move,'.
EMT medics then refused to carry Joanne Rodriguez out to the ambulance. It was Rodriguez father and family friend that sat her in a chair and carried her down a flight of stairs to which then EMT medics then walked her to the stretcher and into the ambulance. Surveillance video shows it took another seven minutes for the ambulance to leave for Temple University Hospital.
A Fire Department investigation found it was a total of 20 minutes from the time the medics arrived at the family's house, until reaching Temple University Hospital.
"The EMT says 'Oh my God',” according to Rodriguez's mother who rode inside the ambulance with her daughter. The other EMT goes around to open the doors, they can't open the doors, the doors are stuck.”
Medics tried to get the door open from the inside and outside and it wasn't until an officer from Temple University Hospital came out to help that they got the doors open.

The two and half, 2 ½ month investigation by the Fire Department found that Rodriguez was stuck for about three and a half minutes, during which a doctor was able to get inside the ambulance through a side door and start working on her. Rodriguez died before they could get her inside. In addition, the investigation led them too “two days” of suspension for the two paramedics in which Joanne Rodriguez died in their care. On Tuesday, Bill Gault, the President of Firefighter’s Union Local 22 announced that both paramedics involved in the incident have been suspended for "two days".
Autopsy results found she died of natural causes. Rodriguez's baby was delivered in an emergency cesarean section.
NBC10 filed a request for the 911 tapes and the incident printout patient care report under the “Right to Know” act. The city denied both requests. City officials say 911 tapes, by state law, are exempt from disclosure. They also say they can’t release the incident printout or patient care report because of patient confidentiality.

NBC10 also reached out to Fire Commissioner Ayers on Tuesday for further comment but he declined, claiming he can’t comment because the family is suing the city.
Was it necessary for Joanne Rodriguez to die as a result of lack of proper care by first responders and ambulance jam doors from the City of Philadelphia? No
It's with shame and disgust that we “Justice for Joanne Petitioners” look to our public officials for “Justice, Change and Accountability” so that this doesn’t happen again to anyone else. The whole situation was handled poorly by the internal investigation that was conducted by the Philadelphia Fire Department. In addition, the President of Firefighter’s Union Local 22, Bill Gout who minimized the incident by referring to these incidents as “slip ups”. A "two day" suspension for these two medics is an insult to our family!. What an injustice and inhumane way to minimize life. The medics were reluctant in their attitudes right from the beginning and incapable of representing what true first responders are! It's employment misconduct and its a direct violation of the Pennsylvania Emergency Medical Service ACT 37 of 2009. They have violated the Act in the standard of care; a breach of their duty and that breach of duty caused the death. They have impugned the reputation and integrity of the City of Philadelphia Emergency Response Services.
In addition, the City of Philadelphia at the very minimum should meet with the Rodriguez family after taking proper actions with the two EMT workers. In addition release a “written copy” of the 911 audio to family attorney Royce W. Smith.
Please help us with your support and petition signature for “Accountability,Justice and Change" for Justice to Joanne Rodriguez and baby Xavier.

Love is not a feeling! Its a commitment .....and we are committed to Joanne Rodriguez and son.