Accountability for Blackwell education!

Accountability for Blackwell education!

March 7, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Stacy Bergman

It is time to start holding our education leaders accountable to US and not the other way around!!! Below is a copy of the email I sent to Blackwell administration along with the state of Oklahoma school board this weekend. I would like 1000 signatures to have a peer review of these and other instances in our children's classrooms!!! Please share, our children deserve it!

Email sent to Mr Haskins 3/6/22

Let me start by saying. I KNOW. I know how I am viewed by many people in our community. I have been called every name under the sun and have had EVERY rumor possibly started about my person, my children, my actions, AND I DO NOT CARE. Many of these issues were brought to my attention by MULTIPLE other parents BECAUSE i am NOT afraid of the repercussions of taking a stand.  


Many of the children we will be referring to are still attending school, and whether you are aware of it or not, the BULLY culture in some of these schools is deafening and I can no longer sit back and do nothing. It is a matter of principle.


DRUG TESTING: The policy is so generic. In the handbook however, it does say "each student shall be treated in an equitable manner.


I have heard complaints that the "random" part of the drug testing is suspect. I would like to know how the student athletes are "randomly" drawn, and if every athlete has been subjected to these tests?  

It has also been brought to my attention, because YES I own a dispensary, but also by other parents, or PEOPLE WHO HAVE ACTUALLY witnessed many, MANY, occasions of your STATE athletes participating in 'drug' use, who have not ever been a recipient of one of these tests, and that seems suspect. Nothing a hair follicle test wouldn't fix. The "rumor" mill is that the administration is VERY well aware of the problem, but of course those students are NOT randomly tested before a state meet?

( I understand that the testing of athletes is an IMPORTANT function to ensure that our children follow rules, PLEASE do not misinterpret, however, if it is ONLY done to certain athletes and not others.....WE should all have issues with that. Honestly requiring a hair follicle test before winning any state competition will be what I lobby for at state level since grown ups can choose when to "look the other way")


Also now that marijuana is a LEGAL MEDICINE in the state of Oklahoma, are students punished in any form for wearing RESPECTFULLY state compliant branded clothing?



BULLYING - On page 12 of the school board policy the initial paragraph includes this phrase


             "However, education includes establishing norms of social behavior and assisting

               students in understanding and attaining those norms. When the behavior of another student comes into conflict with the rights of others, corrective actions are necessary for the benefit of the individual or the school."


and also:


             "Standards of behavior for all members of society are generally a matter of common sense. When, in the judgment of a teacher or administrator, a student is involved or has been involved in unacceptable behavior, appropriate remedial or corrective action will be taken."


WHAT IF THE BULLIES ARE THE TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATION?? These are just a FEW examples of what I would consider ADULT bullying at both HS and MS:


7th grade child being pulled aside by an instructor WHOM IS NOT EVEN ONE OF HIS TEACHERS, to be asked IN FRONT OF OTHERS if he is aware of what "short man" syndrome was.

7th-9th grade boys having to toilet in front of others (not a problem if you're a popular or well liked student i am sure)

7th-9th grade girls having bathroom breaks with held on during classes while they are on their PERIODS and verbal statements being made out loud in front of others. 

School Administrator telling a HS boy mom that the "reason their child may not fit in is because he needs more appropriate interaction, and have the parents considered taking the child to church"

HS Administrators telling FEMALE students that they NEED to wear a bra??

LGTBQ+ Library books kept in a secluded section of the school library

COACHES using fb to personally address young students inappropriately


If I cited an example, I either have PROOF or witnesses. These are not disputable, these are NOT overblown or exaggerated, and they are just FLAT OUT unacceptable in any educational system. I have not included many other incidents that could not be "proven" but I assure you are every bit as real.


Referring to verbiage in the handbook, which of these instances falls into "norm social behavior" or treats students "fair and equitably.?" And I for one want to know; what is OUR recourse as a community when we REPEATEDLY reach out for help from our "administrators" when they are part of the culture that perpetuates attitudes and actions that cause behaviors like that???

Is it only the STUDENTS who need to "understand and attain these norms" as stated in the handbook? OR is it illogical to think that the TEACHERS and those in charge should ALSO internalize these norms and change behavior accordingly. Some of these incidents above can also be considered vilations of student CIVIL RIGHTS.


I can tell you now that I am planning to start a petition to have EVERY one of these actions reviewed by the school board and peer committee to determine if we REALLY have the best people leading our children. 




BHS Wrestling Program


Are we proud of the HISTORY that accompanies some of our coaches? I can assure you that this is a topic full of sordid gossip and mistruths. I am not stating at all that I know the details of multiple private situations involving many of the members and coaches of that program.

but, ARE WE PROUD? There have been several SEPARATE instances where the "culture" of that program is at the very least SUSPECT, and when we meen in person will gladly tell you my course of action that I plan to take to protect our young females at all cost.Which I can confidently say it is sad that this administration HAS FAILED makes that a priority!


Thank you for taking the time to read this. As you see, I am attaching a copy of this for the State Education Board. I am nobody. One person living in a small town, just wanting to leave the world a better place than I found it. I am, however, proficient in being a regular pain in the behind, and I have a LOUD MOUTH, which I am sure that you have heard. Soon I hope to be involved in the legislature, and I can assure you THESE topics in our education will help me get elected.  


Before we speak about these in person, PLEASE ask yourself if it POSSIBLE that Stacy Bergman is not being a drama LLAMA, just WHAT IF one of these instances is true? Have we done enough as leaders? Adults? Humans? and even CHRISTIANS?  


My phone is 580-491-0227. I would love for you to call and schedule a time this week for us to address these IF YOU FEEL it is necessary, however, i do need to address the board locally this month regarding this topic. There is a group of about 50 people that will attend in support of the board taking action, and that's just for starters. Almost inevitably when someone is brave enough to stand up, the stories start flowing.


Again, I just want a safe, happy environment to send my son to school in. Unfortunately, I am not encouraged. 

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Signatures: 109Next Goal: 200
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