Accountability for all levels of the justice system where police brutality is concerned.

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Accountability for all levels of the justice system where police brutality is concerned.

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Here are some reports from the local news: Here is the dash cam video:   Here is a summary of the event as I understand it: The night before Thanksgiving 2015 a man and wife (Andrew Thomas and Darien Ehorn) leave a local bar in Paradise California. Reports say that nobody knows for sure who was driving but that the man seemed intoxicated when he left. Officer Patrick Feaster of the Paradise Police Department was parked close by the bar waiting for the people to start leaving the bar. He observed the Toyota 4-runner leave the parking lot and he began to follow. He followed the car and turned on his lights just moments before the driver of the vehicle made and error in steering and rolled the car over. The car came to rest on its side with the drivers side facing down. The total distance covered by the vehicle was under a mile before the crash so this was not a chase. The driver was clearly not able to drive well and that is the reason for the crash. The woman had been thrown from the vehicle and later died on scene. Officer Feaster was on scene immediately. He got out of his car, walked up to the vehicle, and as the man climbed from the wreckage, officer Feaster shoots him in the neck with a Glock .45. The wound instantly severed the man's spinal cord between C7 and T1 vertebrae and he is seen slumping lifeless back into the car. Moments later, Officer Feaster is heard reporting to dispatch that the male was refusing to exit the vehicle while simultaneously searching with a flashlight on the ground for something. Officer Feaster is then heard telling the man to exit the car. The man replies that he cannot because he had been shot. Officer Feaster then replies " you havent been shot sir get out of the car". Moments later another officer orders him out of the vehicle and the man reports that he has been shot by the cop. This officer ignored his statement as well. Officer Feaster did not report the shooting to the dispatch or any of the other officers on scene until the bullet wound was discovered by the paramedics 11 minutes later. Another officer suggested questioning people at the bar to see if he had been shot there. Officer Feaster finally admitted to possibly having shot the man. However he claimed that he didn't think he had shot him because the gun wasn't pointed at him when it went off. His commanding officer then says "oh my fucking god are you serious?". Before the other officers had arrived, officer Feaster walked up to the vehicle and looked down through the passenger side window for a moment to observe his victim. He then turns from the victims of the crash and spends a considerable amount of time looking with his flashlight on the ground in the vicinity surrounding where he stood when he fired his pistol. One can only assume he was searching for the spent bullet casing. He continued to search after the others arrived. He did not find it and it was collected at the scene later and catalogued. The shooting victim layed in a bed, a quadriplegic (paralyzed from the neck down), until his death on December 19th. Before Andrew Thomas's death, the officer who shot and paralized him was not going to face criminal charges. Butte County District Attorney Michael Ramsey, along with the internal investigatory body, were not pursuing a criminal case against him. I personally spoke to DA Ramsey and he said that his office would not open a criminal case because they would not be able to convict him. Essentially they were claiming they would not open a case because they did not think they could win. I believe the public would feel better if DA Ramsey would at least try and fail than not even try at all. I think the victim's family and the public are owed the right to see this man tried in a criminal case. If you watch the video I am certain most people will agree that his actions are arguably criminal in nature and as such warrant a criminal case even without death. It is not normal for a person to respond to a serious car accident by pulling out a fire arm.  I do not want to live in a country that would allow police to act in this way. I do not want to have to worry about whether or not I will be fired upon by police immediately after I was just involved in an accident simply because I am trying to get out of the vehicle to safety. Now that this man has died the DA is feeling pressure to charge him for something. So far his public statements have been disingenuous at best so I guess it is no surprise that he is only considering an involuntary manslaughter charge at this point. I think the video is much more suggestive of 2nd degree murder or voluntary manslaughter. Basically this man needs jail time. If he is tried for involuntary manslaughter there is more than a good chance the court will allow him to plead down to a misdemeanor and spend no time in jail. This outcome would be unacceptable to the public. We want this man to be physically off the streets and to become a felon from here on out. That is what the man rightfully deserves. The reality is that this problem is a systemic problem with our Justice system. We live in a police state and the regulatory bodies of this country support that agenda to their last breath. I want to believe there are still people who are in positions of power who will come forward to do the right thing. But history will tell you that they will not come forward without pressure from the public.  I know that they will not come forward unless we make them step forward in the name of common decency. Please do your part to reverse the police state in this country. It starts with taking action locally. A criminal conviction against this man would be a huge step towards ensuring that our local law enforcement here in Butte county respect and follow the law they are meant to enforce. At the moment, police know that they are not held to the same standards as everyone else, and so their actions reflect that notion. Unless the public demands that criminal cases be filed against violent police officers, and more of these people are convicted and sentenced to hard time, police officers will never stop acting so violent. The police need to be shown by us, the people, that they cannot act above the law without consequence. Additionally, people like DA Mike Ramsey should be held accountable for their actions in actively trying to prevent justice from being served to those who deserve it. The consequences should be the same for everyone irrespective of social status and I would argue should be more strict for abuses of power under color of law because, as such, it represents a betrayal of the trust of the people and of justice itself. That is why I propose the state attorney general office take over the investigation and open a criminal case against Patrick Feaster, ideally under the charge of murder or manslaughter. Another good idea would be for the people of paradise to file a federal class action law suit against Michael Ramsey for his part in attempting to prevent a criminal case from the outset. A higher court will have to preside over the matter since it seems the Butte County Justice Department is collectively against the public and will shield their internal personnel from any accountability for their actions no matter what the circumstances. If you see a problem with the way people are being legally murdered in this country by the very people entrusted to protect them then please sign this petition. If you do not see the problem I speak of then you probably either don't leave your house often, or you are one of the people propping this corrupt system up. Either way, we want you to come join the right side of the struggle. If you are indifferent, please end your indifference towards the issue of police brutality and join the discussion. With your support we can effect change and build stronger and safer communities. Thank you. Update: the following website published a very complete and succinct account of the event.

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