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Accessible food / drinks menus for visually impaired.

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Hello everyone,
My name is Paul James and I have a learning disability. I have a visual impairment due to a rare condition called "Lowe's Syndrome". A lot of places that sell food and drink have small printed menus, which I'm unable to see and this means I have to ask the person that I'm with to read the menu out for me. You properly reading this and thinking that that's a good thing that I have someone to read the menu out for me, well no it isn't. I am 34 and it feels uncomfortable sometimes as the person who is with me is t having to read the menus for themselves after reading it out for me - this makes me feel embarrassed and even more so when I'm out with more than one person as it holds up the process of ordering food and then it puts pressure on me. If I know the place and the menu then sometimes I would just order the food and drink that I had the last time, to just quicken the process. I shouldn't have to do that.
Feelings that myself and others in same situation would feel;

  • Uncomfortable 
  • Embarrassed 
  • Nervous 
  • Pressured

All public places that sell food and drink should have large printed menus available for the visually impaired. For places such like fast food restaurants that don't normally have a handheld menu - these places are worse because you are having to have the menu still read out to you, but when you nearer the counter to be served, you not having much time to be told what is on the menu. In these places they should also have a handheld menu available.

This takes the little bit of independence away that some people with a visual impairment have.

I am asking for a simple request here. So please, can you sign and share this campaign with your family, friends and co workers, etc . If you are interested in finding out more about me you can visit my website You can follow me on my Twitter: @livingwithlowes

Kind regards,

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