Don't support the illegal lottery at River Hills

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The Alcohol and Gaming division of Access Nova Scotia clearly states that a ticket lottery license is to be issued to a "Charitable or Religious Organization"

In some way, the River Hills Golf & Country Club has found a loop hole to allow their PRIVATE BUSINESS to hold a ticket lottery fundraiser! On top of that have had profits in excess of $1,000,000


They are saying the fundraiser is for supporting youth programs which is how they are getting away with it. I can't help but wonder how many youth golfers there are in Clyde River to need in excess of one million dollars. On top of that they are doing a complete reno of the clubhouse and other things on the grounds. Even worse, they are calling for VOLUNTEERS from the community to work there!! Would you volunteer to go work at sobeys for the day for free? I'd like to think not.

They are greedy have not put one cent back into the local community, the local fire department is even on the way to closing!

Ticket Lotteries, Chase the Ace, etc are supposed to be for Charities and non profit groups such as Fire Departments, Lions Clubs, Shriners, etc.

Even if not technically illegal because they seem to be getting away with it because of  a loophole and the authority looks the other way, They (River Hills) has hit their "Jackpot" and should stop.

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