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Better Service For Access-A-Ride

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Access-A Ride is possibly the worse service to provide those with disabilities. My father takes access-a-ride 3 times a week. He is visually impaired. Customer service is always rude they have no heart or sense of consideration for those who are not able to get around. Drivers are sometimes rude & could care less about those who are impaired due to health issues. Who is hiring these people? Where is training? It is very heart breaking to see how they treat the elderly and those who are disabled. Every week is a heart wrenching issue. It should be called AcStress-A-Ride.

Sometimes I am scared to not go with my father because someone won't do there job and not walk him to the vehicle and not have common sense to take their job serious.

NOT ALL employees are bad. Where is the compassion and consideration?

Access-a-ride you have to do better. I know there is enough money being invested in your company. But it is clear as day where the money is going and that is not into the company but in the hands of those who are in corporate doing nothing but sitting around doing nothing.

Please sign this petition to reach out to Access-A-Ride to make that change for customer service and provide better service for those who are impaired or with disabilities. This horrible service has been going on for too long. Ask anyone in New York City about Acces-A-Ride they will all have the same things to say. 

Lets change the way we are treated through the power of voice and people. We can make a difference it just take the people to help. 

Below are reviews from those who take Access-A-Ride. Spread the word please help me make this possible. Those who are disabled and have a hard time getting around deserve better.

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