Accesible energy for rural

Accesible energy for rural

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Por qué es importante esta petición

Past dimension;
Households are facing a steep increase in their energy prices due to supply and demand in the global wholesale market. This has driven up the amount providers pay for gas and electricity - and that cost is now being passed onto the consumer

Current dimension;
Electricity prices are getting high and higher gradually in agricultural usage and generally. Sustainable energy is one of the goals of the United Nations and it is not applicable in the case of Greece/ Karistros and people who live there are having difficulty regarding the agricultural production chain on farms, living as well. And the same difficulty is for entrepreneurs(?) It is the highest in Europe.

Future dimension;
 If prices keep being that high and wages don't rise accordingly it can cause migration in order to lead better life conditions, it can cause hunger, and unemployability domestically and internationally.

1.    Encourage people to use renewable sources such as sun, water, wind, etc. (Promo bioclimatic designs in new buildings and make them accessible for rural)there are programs funded by the government for that.the problem is low mass consciousness among people who do traditional agriculture production; they should be educated on how to use governmental financial support
2.    Support cooperatives to build factories that transform waste( biowaste, plastic waste, fabric waste) into the energy
3.    Indicating needs in the area
4.    Decent price reducement in bills by the government

18 personas han firmado. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 25!