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ACCEPT the Unity Reform Recommendations

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At the contentious DNC Convention, both Sec. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders  AND ALL THE DELEGATES AT THE CONVENTION IN A UNANIMOUS DECISION agreed to a "unity reform commission" to address many issues that divided Democrats - issues like super delegates, caucuses, closed primaries and other party rules that left some Democrats and even Independents out of participating in our presidential elections.  Bernie, Hillary and Tom Perez appointed people to work on all of these things.  They met 5 times in 2017 and came up with these recommendations (read here) - Unity Reform Commission Report which drastically reduces "super delegates", makes major changes to caucuses to make them more accessible to everyone and calls for open primaries in all states.

These recommendations go before the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBL) and if accepted, the RBL Committee will send the recommendations to the full DNC later this year for full acceptance.  We need both the RBL and the full DNC to accept these recommendations.  To be fair, if I were making the rules, they would go further, but with a 21 member committee, this is the farthest that the committee could get and still agree.  It is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that the RBL Committee and the full DNC accept these recommendations.  

Please join me is asking the RBL Committee and the DNC to accept the Unity Reform Committee recommendations.  These recommendations will have significant importance in all elections, especially the 2020 presidential election. We do not want to encounter the same problems as we did in the past.  We are all ready to move forward. 

I'm going to the RBL Committee Meeting and will hand carry these signatures to the members.  Please sign and comment on why this is important to you.

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