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Accelerate a non-profit dedicated to the advancement of regenerative medicine!

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We're channeling something that’s bigger than a cause.

Hundreds of millions around the globe are affected by skin conditions ranging from burns, diseases and victims of genital mutilation to all those impacted on both sides of war.

RegenRevo (The Regeneration Revolution) was founded in 2008 out of an intense desire to change the world for the better.

We're going to accelerate regenerative solutions by directly channeling the voices and economic power of millions into getting past any obstacle, be it political or scientific, found to be standing in the way.

Our core founding mission “The Skin Project”, is exclusively dedicated to clearly understanding the hurdles in the way of regenerative skin solutions, as well as funding targeted research and initiatives that hold the most potential to be made available within our lifetime.

Restoration of the appearance and function of our skin will have a profound effect on humanity.

While skin is the largest organ in the body, it also happens to be the easiest to regenerate; however public awareness and education about current advancements and future possibilities are minimal.

The opportunity for those affected to become directly involved in accelerating these solutions within our lifetime is now here.

Regenerating skin using your very own cells may seem far fetched but many people are still unaware that second-degree burns can be completely healed over a weekend or that receiving a lab-grown bladder or trachea is now old news. The issue of organ rejection or dying on a waiting list will one day be a ‘thing of the past’.

How soon that day arrives is up to us.

To accelerate the organization to our first major milestone, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on LaunchGood.Com to help us move into our new 5,000 sq. ft. office space in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It’s now time to begin recruiting our base.

Sign this petition now to join our revolution and stay updated.

All we need from you now is to share this petition and continue educating yourself about regenerative medicine. We all know someone that would benefit from the miracle this emerging field has to offer.

Our campaign will allow us to complete renovations for our first office space and if we reach our stretch goals, web development and operating expenses. Our first objective will be the planning and completion of a master report on the state of regenerative medicine and our plans on where we can make the most significant inroads. This will then be published to all of our supporters for review.

Your support will be critical to guaranteeing the success of The Regeneration Revolution.


Ahmed Almashhadani Founder & Executive Director

Dr. Mohammed Almashhadani President M.S.E. Biomedical Engineering

∞ The Regeneration Revolution ∞

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