Travel Industry Refunds - It affects us all

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This is a call out to everyone that thinks the travel industry (including but not limited to Travel Agents - both online and physical stores, Airlines, Tour Companies, Cruise Companies, etc.) has done wrong by customers by not giving them what is rightfully theirs. It’s time to stand up, be heard and get our money back!

The travel industry has been causing an indescribable amount of stress to hundreds of thousands of Australians. In many situations, these companies are holding onto customer’s money for a ridiculous amount of time with no logical reason while seemingly accumulating interest. Customers can no longer wait patiently to get their money back; this is causing financial hardship for many.

Other companies are just holding onto customer’s  money and blatantly telling them that they will never see it again! They will only offer credits. It is the customer’s money and they have not provided the service promised. This is a tough time for Australians (hence the job keeper and jobseeker government initiatives) and these businesses should be ashamed of themselves. It is immoral and unjust.

Finally, there are those companies that are charging cancellation fees that were not outlined in their original terms and conditions but are included in their COVID-19 response. This is in breach of Australian Consumer Law and is not acceptable.

This has gone too far! We are asking for the government authorities and the ACCC to act now and enforce refunds promptly. Sitting back and being a passenger is not an option; be part of the solution and sign this petition today!