Report NRMA conduct which is unacceptable towards consumers

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In August 2017 I had a mobile pre-purchase inspection carried out by NRMA MotorServe and relying on that report I purchased the vehicle. Subsequent inspection of the vehicle indicated that the NRMA MotorServe report was inaccurate because, amongst other things, it overlooked damage and areas of serious rust.

When the rust problem came to my attention I approached NRMA with my Concerns. To cut a disappointing and frustratingly long story short NRMA have arrogantly and unjustifiably denied responsibility for the shortcomings of their report.

My experience confirms that as many others have similarly found (See MotorServe) their many advertisements and representations (such as "NRMA Inspections - Offering you peace of mind") are false and misleading and consumers like me end up with nothing like what is promised - It concerns me deeply that an institution with a household name like NRMA, which has in the past been synonymous with trust and integrity, now behaves so badly so often as is self-evident from the product review website referred to previously.

Following upon my report of the conduct of NRMA to the ACCC that body has informed me that it requires for there to be a more significant number of reports from consumers before it will embark upon a formal investigation into such deceptive and misleading conduct.

The only way to get an organisation like NRMA to act with integrity is by making them accountable to the law, so I'm asking anybody with a similar experience to sign this petition and also to provide a report to (Quote ref. 2395031).

I will then pursue the matter further with the ACCC.