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Re-open McCallum Place, mid-Missouri's only eating disorder treatment facility.

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It is our request that Acadia Healthcare, honor their commitment to the patients of their facility and reopen McCallum Place in Columbia MO or at the very least, offer transitional care or assistance in finding continued care for their patients, as there are no other treatment facilities within 125 miles.  

Creating this petition is a result of Acadia's unwillingness to take or return phone calls.

Acadia Healthcare acted in direct opposition to their mission and vision and acted unethically,  by closing McCallum Place Center for Eating Disorders in Columbia, Missouri, by giving patients, families and staff only 5 days notice and offering no transitional care or assistance in finding care to patients in the middle of recovery treatment.  

Our daughter was one of many patients who have benefitted from treatment at McCallum Place Center for Eating Disorders in Columbia Mo.  She had been through therapy with individual therapists trained in eating disorders and was not getting better.  It was at this point that McCallum Place opened and saved her life.  She was treated for 7 months, and was able to overcome the grip her eating disorder had on her life.  She continued to get support after her discharge by attending the support groups at McCallum.  Eating disorders are very difficult to recover from.  They do not go away and continued care in a safe place is so important.    

Acadia Healthcare, the parent company of McCallum Place, sites the urgent need for treatment of eating disorders on their website, stating:

"Eating disorders are among the most lethal mental health disorders. For example, experts estimate that the mortality rate of anorexia nervosa may be as high as 10%, which means that one of every ten people who develop anorexia may die as a direct result of the disorder. Individuals who struggle with bulimia nervosa are also at a significantly increased risk of death due to their eating disorder."

Not only is this decision unethical it was announced during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, which highlights the insensitivity of their decision and completely contradicts the company's own vision statement, 

"Vision Statement

To be recognized as the behavioral health leader – characterized by our common:

Understanding of and sensitivity to our patients and their families;
Appreciation and practical integrated application of the most current practices of psychotherapy, psycho-dynamic clinical care, and psycho-education;
Engagement and cooperation with the persons and organizations working together for the benefit of our patients;
Commitment to promote and improve the mental well-being of our community."

 By signing this petition you will help ensure that those like my daughter will not be overlooked and will get the crucial care needed and as promised by Acadia Healthcare.



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