Make Jordan Peterson the Host of the 91st Academy Awards (2019)

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On the 12th of December 2018, the satire news website, posted an article stating that popular psychologist and public speaker, Jordan B. Peterson would be hosting the 2019 Oscar awards. Despite this to being nothing more a joke, the idea struck a chord with Peterson's fans. Doctor Peterson shared the article and commented saying "And I plan to make long self-righteous and utterly unfunny speeches, too:" Thousands of comments followed in support; with many people saying that they would actually watch the Academy Awards if he hosted. 

So, dear Jordan Peterson fans, I implore you, let's make this happen. Be a part of history and sign this petition.

To the people at the Academy Awards, make a smart move here and pull out a wild card to host the awards. You know it will get a great deal more views and attention for the event.