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Let Brian Cullinan be part of Oscars again

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Brian Cullinan, maybe rightly so, is being blamed for the mishap with the Best Picture award at the Oscars. However, the extent of the blame is out of hand. I seek here to convince you, my dear reader, that Mr. Cullinan should be given one more chance at making this right. You heard me - let Mr. Cullinan and his associate be the ballot keepers for the 90th Academy Awards.

Reason #1: We all make mistakes

What kind of lesson are we teaching our kids when we show that we have 0% tolerance for mistakes? Mistakes are named that for a reason. It's how we react to the mistake that defines who we are - not the mistake itself! Being outcast because a mistake without having a chance to make up for that poor judgment is unreasonable. Yes, he shouldn't have been tweeting on his phone. Yes, he should have rushed out to the stage to fix the problem. Yes, he screwed up, but nothing about it was malicious.

Reason #2: The guy truly loved what he did

All these stories have one thing in common - this guy really enjoyed this part of his job. We all yearn for that moment in the spotlight, and he got it. Just a normal accountant, who does what is likely very boring analysis on a day to day basis, has this one day that he can mingle with the stars we see on the screen. He basked in this moment, and who is to blame him for it? He got caught up in the moment because it was a moment he truly appreciated.

Reason #3: It's really not a big deal

I get it, a lot of people saw the screw-up. But really, what are we talking about here? An award to celebrate these very talented people's movies. It's hard work to create a movie - everything from producing, directing, acting, editing, sound, staging, it goes on and on! We want the right group to get the award, I get it - and they did! There was no conspiracy here, no cover-up, just an honest mistake. We shouldn't make it out to be more than it was. No one got hurt. No one died. Let's not make this out to be more than what it was.

So to you, my people of the Internet, I say let's help get this guy one more shot. Come on, Academy Awards, let Brian try again. If he fails the next time then we'll parade him around as the dunce, but not yet.

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