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Get Disco Worms An Oscar

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The second I watched the cinematic masterpiece known as Disco Worms, I researched how many Oscars it had won. From great voice actors to a phenomenal soundtrack and unbelievable animation, Disco Worms is the full package. So naturally, I assumed it had won numerous Oscars. But to my sincere disbelief, I found out it had won not a single Oscar. I was furious from this avoidable truth, so I decided to do something about it.

  You all may be thinking "But the Oscars already happened. How can we get Disco Worms the recognition it deserves?" Now I am here to tell you there is indeed a solution. You can forget about all the anger caused by the rejection of this masterpiece by the Academy. There are honorary Oscars awarded to films or people that exceed expectations set by the academy. It does not matter the year that the movie was released, it can still indeed win an honorary Oscar.

  So I am here in front of all you supporters asking for your support in shedding light and making the academy aware of the mistake they made in not giving Disco Worms an Oscar so that they can give Disco Worms the recognition it deserves in next year's Academy Awards. So would you all want to help me get Disco Worms to boogie its way to an Oscar?

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