Nominate films with equal gender representation

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Gender discrimination plays out at different levels in Hollywood, an industry full of talented, high-trained and qualified women, who aren’t given a chance.

Females are barely represented in the field, just 22% producers, 11% writers, 7% directors and 1% composers, and the ones who finally make it, still have to deal with fewer roles, less speech time on screen, the struggles of obtaining higher positions and with an existing unfair pay gap between genders.

The evident sexism has lead not only to fewer women on and off screen, but also less opportunities for them to get awarded. By just nominating films that don’t include women, we are promoting gender inequalities and excluding new perspectives and ideas.  


We demand the Academy Awards that by 2020, all nominated films must have at least a 50% women participation either on or off screen.

Movies are stories that can transform the world, but what kind of world are we shaping if half of the stories is being kept in the shadows?

It’s time to change the rules.

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