Have the Academy Awards include a category recognizing the work put in by Stunt Performers

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Many movies shown on the big screen are adored and loved by millions, and generate tons of money at the box office. Some movies are so good that they are nominated for an Academy Award, one of the most prestigious awards a movie can win. But, many of the movies we know and love today, especially action movies, require stunt doubles to perform the most dangerous scenes in films. These scenes usually end up being the most exciting for the viewer to watch, and are one of the most memorable moments of the entire film. These scenes are very crucial for the film, as it enhances the viewing experience of the entire film. Stunt doubles perform risky feats that sometimes end up in them sacrificing their own body for the benefit of the big screen. However, the skill required by the stunt doubles, the stunt co-coordinator and the entire stunt team behind the stunt double to pull of these physically challenging scenes aren't recognized enough in the film and arts community, especially in big awards like the Oscars, as there isn't any section for nominations for stunt doubles or stunt co-coordinators. Therefore, I believe that the Oscars, and other major award shows should commemorate and acknowledge the sacrifices given by these people, and give them their own category in the nominations. For years the stunt community has been fighting for recognition in Hollywood, and now's the time to listen to them, and support the entire team behind our favorite films.