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Today, brothers and sisters of DMAE, we are experiencing sudden changes in our schedule. Such events as Freshmen being MANDATED to take AP classes such as AP Bio and AP US history shows a lack of understanding by the DMAE guidance. Just because freshmen in AE take these classes DOES NOT help the school get back off its feet and become a very high ranked school. Lets begin with our issues with transcripts last year with previous guidance. As clearly shown in the news, we have made headlines in New Jersey for our scandal of transcripts. We had 9 periods with MANDATORY electives last year. However, the following year we have 8 periods in which periods are ranged between 40-42 minutes. Examining the problems in our school, it is clearly shown guidance and other departments hold authority over our schedule. We do find it hard to believe how in the course of 3 months school our schedules have quickly changed into something that has stripped away our lunches.

Beginning with last year, a lot of current day sophomores took French I or Spanish I Gradpoint in which it was a online course to learn the language. This was enforced because of the LACK of teachers in those departments. This is very disappointing last year as we did not have any teachers to teach us what we needed to learn. What is the point of teachers. Teachers on are defined as:a person who teaches, especially in a school. Now please put this in the Gradpoint context where they took attendance, put us on a computer and A LOT of us did not do anything for our 9th period when we had Gradpoint. Our logins wouldn't work and the class was full of false promises. Now fast forwarding today, we are forced to retake our gradpoint language during our lunch period (Lunch 5B). Now referring to NJ State Nutrition Policies, Page 5-6, it says,"

Who will be monitoring for compliance with these curriculum standards?

A: The NJ Department of Education during their regular education monitoring of school



• Allow adequate time for student meal service and consumption.

Q: What is considered “adequate time”?

A: The National Association of School Boards of Education (NASBE) recommends 10

minutes, after the student is served, for consuming breakfast and 20 minutes, after the

student is served, for consuming lunch. (Fit, Healthy, and Ready to Learn: A School Health

Policy Guide, Part 1, Chapter E, page 18). "

We have been stripped away from our eating rights and some of us are starving. Some of do not eat breakfast and some of us have AP supplement periods. These supplement periods are periods to help us learn better in our AP Classes. Now let me tell you about myself, I have AP Gov and I go to these supplement periods, wasting my OWN lunch time going to these supplement periods. I do not go to school eating breakfast and I am starving until lunch. I have gym before and on Tuesday, sadly, I am forced to go to this supplement period where we go review material. I would much rather prefer being in lunch being able to communicate with others. A lot of us do not want to be forced to go to these supplement periods, but according to a few days ago in a guidance powerpoint, we are mandated to have lunch 5A and then go to these supplement periods. Now what if we have chorus or band or gym 5A, we are in danger of losing college credits. 18 absences = loss of college credits

Also, freshmen are forced to take these AP classes such AP US History and AP Bio in which they never signed up for. AE's open house program for the 2016-2017 program did not show that students for the first year are forced to take these classes. There was NO mention in the presentation of our school that freshmen are forced to take classes. Did these students sign any papers consenting that they will take these classes? No, they were put in it immediately. No choice, all the guidance decided it was best. Did parents agree with having their kids taking AP courses? No, and the guidance has yet to comment on the ideas of this schedule change. The idea of having these classes is thought to have a better ranking compared to other schools, however, they provide the opposite effect.




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