An expansion of more courses , majors, and time at UCI . (UCI Students Petition.)

An expansion of more courses , majors, and time at UCI . (UCI Students Petition.)

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DISCLAIMER: Please only sign this if you are/were currently part of the UCI System during the 2018-2019 school year. Anyone else may sign and leave their comments in the following link: 



The demand of certain classes and majors have increased. The classes that fall under this category includes to Information and Computer Science courses, Biology courses, and other courses that are unable to meet the demand of students that requested the course. The University of California, Irvine have failed to meet demand and created a shortage for many courses and majors which is causing harm and distress to its students. We, the students of University of California, Irvine, request the following:

A.     An expansion of more classes, especially high demand classes in the S.T.E.M areas of the school and other classes that fill up to full where the requests are higher than the seats offer. A clear example of a shortage that is happening is with the Intro Programming course (I&CS 31). In Fall of 2018 at UCI 334 students got into the class, but there was 900 total requests for it as seen on WEBREG data for that Quarter. This is not an isolated issue, it is a pattern that repeats for a good portion of classes throughout the University where the demand is significantly higher than the supply. It is unacceptable that students cannot get into the courses that they request due to a shortage that can be fixed.

B.     Allow more people to be accepted within a major when they chose to change from one major to another. To prevent students from being able to change by forcing them to stay on one path and making it close to impossible to change majors is harmful to the students and to the future workforce of our world. This is because we will have a workforce filled with human beings that are not 100% productive because they are not passionate in what they do and that is the direct fault of the University.

C.     Remove the time/total units limit that students can take. This will allow students to calculate out what they want and what they are best at without being limited on a path based on the forced severely limited time. Not everyone can or does finish college “on time” for what ever the reason may be and they shouldn’t be punished for it. A University's goal should be educating its students to the best to its ability and not forcing them out after a certain time limit.

D.      Allow the ability to Audit a course. While it grades are important in regards to receiving a degree, that does not mean everyone that takes a class with the sole purpose of getting a grade or to do work in that curriculum. Education is more then just a letter on a piece of paper. This will also allow students to calculate if they really want to be in a specific major or not. 


Suggestions on how these situations can be fixed:

1.     Budget better. It is unacceptable that students pay $5k+ or more per quarter and that taxes are going into the system where many students are not receiving the courses they initially requested.

2.     Hire more Professors. More professors will make it easier to add more courses into the system since current staff won’t be overburden by new courses.

3.     Schedule more courses and better timing. More access to courses with better timing will allow students to receive the courses they need without damaging current courses offer. Removing any current courses to accommodate for newer courses will be counterproductive and harm students and the University staff.

4.     Change schools and administration rules so that people can change majors more easily and be able to stay longer if they desire to do so despite the years or units they have taken so far. What needs to be changed includes the maximum numbers of students in a specific major. This will allow an easier change and it will be more beneficial to both the University and society in the long run. This will improve the mental and physical health of students since it will be less burden on them.

5.     Create a board that over looks the demand of courses and majors by students at the school. This board will be in charge of surveying the students of UCI on a frequent in order to understand what classes are wanted so that the University can provide more requested courses.  

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