Change in Indian primary education system

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Dear All,

Education is the most important part of a society. A society with higher literacy rate always progress. In a country like ours education is more like a planned investment where we expect returns once we get our jobs. 

The education system has changed greatly in the past decades where we were introduced to morals and life values in our younger age and computers and science and technology in the later stages. Although my school started computer education from the third standard we were atleast interested and were able to understand what is being taught. We had more games and interaction with peers and neighbours.

Of late the scenario changed greatly-children are pushed to the extreme and made to "learn" science more than more than play..and work hard more than they can is so sad to say that many of the parents have high expectations about their children that they don't mind in subjecting childhood to a slavery of facts and exams. I still wonder what a 5 year old has to do with computers and technology..the outcome of this is very frightening..very high stress among the students and the parents and education has become a very profitable business.A School in Bangalore charges 2lakh for annual fee for an LKG student..imagine the fee for higher education. 

In this regard i feel like the time has come for education to be more nationalised and controlled by a central authority which can modify the syllabus when  deemed necessary. I need your support so that one day we find more youth with wisdom than knowledge. I request the support of parents for whom paying education fee is a constant burden..and students for whom it is more like a stressful environment.  Thank you all..