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Dismiss Beneficiary for failing to keep to conditions. Let 80 year old Clair keep her home

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Claire has lived on her family's farm almost all of her life. Her father became involved in a church renowned for brainwashing in the 70's . A apparently self ordained "reverend" I shall not name at this moment and his team latched onto Clair's father knowing he had just one hair to his farm & estate & found him a easy target. Claire's uncle became concerned and stated to Claire & her mother that he was worried about his brother that he was vulnerable & didn't know what he was doing. Over a period of time, they had and groomed Clair's father. They took him everywhere they went camping etc and began to alienate him from his wife and daughter. Clair's father was spending more time with this "reverend" than his own family, Everyone, family & friends grew more & more concerned & there was a change in him. It was like he had been brain washed.

Claire and her mother were left to manage the small farm all the times her father was away. The "reverend" had turned Claire's father away from Claire & her mother. They couldn't believe how he had been taken from them.

Then, the "reverend managed to get Clair's father to write a will leaving him as a beneficiary  claiming it would go to his his church. Leaving Claire and her mother out. Apart from the conditions, He was to make sure Claires needs were met, Her father made it very clear that they were to be well looked after. His brother Clair & Clair's mother said he was not in his right frame of mind. They were all very upset and concerned. Claires mother also wrote a will to secure the home to Clair the rightful heir. 

Claires mother passed away first, then her father. 

Now Claire is 80 years old and since had a heart attack & a stroke, the farm became increasingly difficult being an only child and having very little support Clair was unable to look after herself as well as she would like to. Her farm was falling apart and people stood and watched it became a witch hunt as they watched it deteriorate and saw Clair struggle. Instead of helping this "reverend" walks into her home  and insults her telling her she is filthy to brush her hair. How disgusting she is. This abuse happened regularly he would let himself into her house & insult her when she was so very ill. 

I do not see a church / reverend being "Christian" standing by watching her fall? I see a church reverend lending a hand helping sending volunteers while she recovered. THIS MAN and his church watched while it all fell and pointed the finger at Clair.

He has not kept to his agreement & needs to be dismissed. 

He never helped he has one nothing but allow clare's health & home to deteriorate & use it to make Claire look bad. 

When she was sick he should of helped, he could of raised volunteers from his "church" but he didn't he watched her have a stroke & heart attack, he knew the farm & the animals were not being taken care of, he knew how bad it was yet he stood by & watched & told her how disgusting she is. 

Claire had her animals put into a sanctuary and she visited them often. She has nothing but her pension to live on and this so called "reverend" keeps trying to  court have her evicted from her own home. 

He has sold parts of Claires farm and put his name on the land registry! 

     I call this man out as a fake & conman & he should be dismissed. Claire has suffered for many years with this man looming over her shoulder.  

 I guess he didn't count on her living so long.

This is not a church of any Christian I know....  

Clair has since spent months in hospital, he tried to convince her to go in a old peoples home, when I spoke to her she was in bits, He told her the house was sold & she had to go in the home. She had given up on life. I made a few calls & found out this was not true. Just a CRUEL LIE to make her ill & get her out the way. 

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION pass it on to EVERYONE I need as many signatures as possible in support of Claire so she may keep what is rightfully hers. Thank you 



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