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Abuse of the Americans with Disabilities Act

My family has owned a cafe in San Diego for the last three years. Despite our being situated in an extremely dated building, we've done our best to keep up with all regulations.

My mother is an honorable woman who works 80+ hour workweeks just to keep our business afloat. However, a man named Chris Langer is now targeting our cafe for a lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Mr. Langer never even entered our establishment. He claims that he was unable to do business with us due to our lack of a handicapped parking space, despite the fact that our establishment has numerous open parking spaces not specified for the disabled.

The ADA is a wonderful law with a wonderful purpose, meant to make sure that the disabled are given full rights in our society. However, Mr. Langer has been using this law for personal gain for over ten years.

Since 2002, Langer has filed 200 lawsuits under the ADA, most of which have been targeted at small businesses. Many of those he targeted went bankrupt after the fact. Under different circumstances, it could be assumed that Langer had good intentions and only meant to further the rights of the disabled. However, his actions say otherwise.

Under the current California ADA, Langer is within his rights to file as many lawsuits as he pleases. Through his actions, we believe he is making a mockery of the Americans with Disabilities Act and must be stopped.

I started this petition to defend my mother, who has always taught me that hard work should be rewarded and not punished. Through this petition, I hope to accomplish two goals: first, I wish to make sure that everyone in California (and if possible, the entire country) knows about Mr. Langer's actions. By increasing awareness, we can put political pressure on the judicial system to have this and future lawsuits like it thrown out of court. Second, we hope to have the California ADA amended to not allow for personal gain.

This petition is not just for my family, but for all small businesses in California. We want to create a business environment in which entrepreneurs don't need to live in fear of being sued when they've done their best to keep up to date with regulations.

Please, help us uphold the true purpose of the ADA. Help my mother, a hardworking and committed woman.

Thank you,

Josh Meihaus

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    Tani Cantil-Sakauye
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    Jerry Brown
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    Kamala Harris

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