Reschedule Western Alamance’s Graduation

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As of now, Western Alamance High School’s graduation is set to occur on August 7th. At this point, many students will be moving into college and will not be able to attend graduation. I urge the school board to reconsider graduation and the date. Other options that could happen at earlier dates that would be in accordance with CDC guidelines are:

•Hold graduation in school stadiums. Split students into segments, by alphabetical order, and hold several ceremonies, one for each segment. Allow students only two tickets, for parents or guardians, who will sit in the stadium seating while performing social distancing. Students would also be socially distanced across the field. Student speeches could be held virtually the morning of the event for students to watch prior to their graduation segment. Administration and authority managing social distancing would be required to wear gloves and masks, and after each segment disinfecting must occur and gloves must be switched out.
-an alteration to this would be the lack of guests and a volunteer photographer to take pictures of students as they cross the stage. The event could be live-streamed for parents and family.

•Drive through graduation. Students and their families would drive through the car rider line at their designated high school and would be handed their diploma by a masked and gloved administrative official. speeches could be live streamed or pre-recorded and posted via the school website, Facebook, or another social platform. Students and family members would also have to be masked.

•Another Drive-by graduation option is to do the same thing as previously mentioned but allow students to exit the car and enter a designated location, for example the football field, in which they could walk and receive their diploma while their family watched from a distance. Again, all would be masked and speeches would be done virtually.

I speak for all seniors when I say, we don’t care if our graduation is “normal”, nothing about our senior year is or will ever be. The fact is, we deserve a graduation to celebrate the hard work we have done. Please sign this petition and give the graduating class an important milestone moment, despite everything that has already been taken from us.