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In the interest of Public Safety

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Premier of NSW Mr O'Farrell
I support 'Absolutely NO SHOOTING in NSW National Parks'. Shooting is a HIGH RISK activity that should not be allowed in a public domain. According to NSW National Parks webpage (http//, the following statement is part of the websites safety advice for campers, hikers and day visitors; "Its important to remember that our parks are natural environments.......we also want you and your companions to stay safe as you enjoy your national park visit".
To allow shooting in our National Parks will endanger and add a potential lethal unpredictability to individuals and families who visit and explore our National Parks. It is not in the interest of public safety and will compromise work safety to Park Rangers.
I understand from the 1st March 2013 this decision to allow shooting in NSW National Parks will be enacted. I strongly oppose this decision and have signed this petition to voice my objection.