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Allow the use of hockey skates at all public ice skating sessions

My passion is ice skating. I have been a regular ice skater at Absolutely Ice, Slough Ice Arena for a number of years. But one of the things I enjoy most about this amazing sport, is the fact that it is extremely sociable and it brings people together encouraging exercise & healthy living. It is a sport loved by both men, women & children all over the world.

There are two main forms of ice skating at Absolutely Ice, Slough Ice Arena which are figure skating and hockey skating with approximately a 50:50 ratio.

But Absolutely Ice, Slough Ice Arena have announced that NO HOCKEY SKATES will be allowed on the ice at the Thursday night public skating session, discriminating hockey skaters from having the same privileges as a figure skater, which is considered a form of prejudice. Therefore rendering hockey skaters at a disadvantage as they are not allowed to use the Absolutely Ice, Slough ice Arena during the same public skating session.

Why should people have to suffer because of the type of skate they prefer to wear? As a community we should be encouraging unity not causing a social divide between figure and hockey skaters.

If you agree with my petition and believe hockey skaters should have the same privileges at Absolutely Ice, Slough Ice Arena and be allowed to skate at all of the public skating sessions as well as figure skaters please sign the petition and let your voice be heard so we can make a change for the future.

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