About Return Campus with Hybird Model

About Return Campus with Hybird Model

5 July 2022
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Started by Isabelle grace

About the notice this afternoon, We will return to campus and complete the hybrid mode course. These are the opinions and ideas given by some of our students
We are students of SOLLAT. We received the the news of forced return to school at noon today. We would like to apply for whether we can continue our online classes next semester.
For local students,
 Confusing mandatory physical classes and exams in universities with physical classes and exams in primary and secondary schools is an irresponsible statement!
Primary and secondary school students do not need to go back to campus from far away as university students do when they go to their classes and exams. Since we all know that many college students come from all over West Malaysia and even East Malaysia, their round trip is a huge expense. Not to mention international students from all over the world!
Some of the students who live far away from home will have to pay high fees for their accommodation, and many of those who have already returned to their hometowns have already checked out of their dormitories, so without a prudent plan, what will happen to these students who come from abroad?
The exams for college students, as far as I know, are usually held in a larger auditorium. So let's think about this: if one person enters the exam room hiding that he or she has covid19 or is asymptomatic, is there some chance of infecting other candidates in the exam room?
So it is not unreasonable for the academic movement to oppose physical exams and classes because the Malaysian university authorities are not yet ready for a more comprehensive plan and discussion with the campus student body. It is not impossible to resume physical classes or exams if there is a prudent and well-thought-out prevention plan, but only if there is already a good plan in place.

For international students and Chinese students,
First of all, we are willing to experience the campus life and teaching atmosphere of USM, but due to the serious policy of epidemic in China, there are many objective factors that do not allow us to go back to campus to take physics classes.
 Here are the suggestions we would like to provide for this semester:
1: The news of returning to school is relatively sudden. We don't have time to book a house and apply for a visa,credit  card. Our time is limited, which causes serious anxiety to us. Most students have adapted to the pace of online courses, and China's epidemic control is relatively strict. Could we choose online courses or face-to-face courses by ourselves in next semester?Wait until China begins to relax its policy of the overseas entering, and could we return to school the semester after next?
2: learning resources in China are also rich and convenient, and online lessons can also reduce the burden on teachers.
We have signed a contract with a Chinese company for the summer internship of lem200/lem300, and we can't go back on it.
4: The Spring Festival was the most important holiday for every Chinese student, and we must reunite with our family. But if we go to Malaysia this year, we had to face 14 days of centralized quarantine when he returned home. Plus 14 days of centralized quarantine and seven days of home quarantine when we returned to our province. The holiday lasts a total of two months, and the isolation time will take up more than a month, which is very difficult for us. We can only choose to stay in Malaysia until graduation.
5: The flights are unstable, many international flights are easy to be cancelled and non-refundable, which is a big expense for our students. The price of the return flight is between 30000rm-45000rm, excluding the risk of cancellation. Basically, we can't go home until we graduate.
6: The air tickets for us returning home are expensive and we need quarantine. China has not yet fully opened its policy of the overseas entering. The money for the air ticket back to China is our tuition for nearly two years, which is difficult for ordinary families to afford.
We hope that the school will carefully consider our choice and reconsider the decision returning to school on a mandatory basis.
 We really appreciate that,you give us sing up. 
We hope the final opinion can be adopted
Thank you

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Signatures: 45Next Goal: 50
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