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Abortion-the greatest evil a human being can commit. Petition to Ban abortion.

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I strongly believe that ,the greatest evil deed a person can commit is ABORTION.

Why do I think so?

Well, here are some reasons:

1. Abortion is willful murder. It is done with the full consent of all people involved.

2.Abortion is murder of the truly and totally     Innocent.

3.Abortion is the denial of the greatest            source of love for a person in the whole    world . Everybody       knows that even if a person is  hated by all people in the world ,there is still a very good chance that his mother still loves him. It is this maternal love ,that we give praise in a large number of our poems, that is being denied here. Here, Mother becomes murderer,w ith innocent blood on her hands.

4.Abortion is murder of a person by the one who is the most closely related to her(Biologically and mentally). Me killing a random Person and killing my own son are essentially the same act(murder) .But they differ significantly in their gravity. I Hope you are able to comprehend.

In short, Abortion is willful murder of a totally Innocent person by the person most closely related to her, her own Mother.

In a way,abortions also promote rape and teenage pregnancies,as the option of Abortion acts as a last resort safe switch against others knowing of the violation of the law.

Still,why does the society try to support abortions? Here are some of the usual reasons;

1. We are poor.So we cannot have another    baby.

I have one question for these people: What if your parents had this attitude ?Then you wouldn't even be here to say this in the first place.Your poor financial state is not a good justification to deny a person his chance to live. In fact,what you are actually doing is,paying for a murder to save more money. This is in a way what some corrupt businessmen and politicians to meet their own selfish interests only that you pay to get  truly innocent lives killed.

2.This is for Population control.

I think these  people should think about funding terrorism.They do population control very effectively.In a way , I think ,that these terrorists are more justifiable  than the doctors who promote abortion ,as they use their very hands and efforts,which they have pledged to use only to save and protect life,to murder Innocent human beings.


Where is Justice,here?

I appeal to the human being inside you.I don't think that the justice system should  be vigilant only to the cries of those people who can speak , and blind to those who can't. Inside or outside the womb ,Foetus or not, a person is a person.You cannot deny that just because their Cries Can't Be Heard .

If anyone deserves a chance to live ,more than all the others,I strongly believe it is these unborn babies.So please...




Please share this with friends and family quickly and spread the message.

Because on an average,125000 innocent little unborn babies are ruthlessly killed every single day(WHO statistic).

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