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The OBJECTIVE is a call for grassroots organization for constructive and beneficial change against COLONIALISM that in the most part; comprises the bankrupt private for-profit UNITED STATES Corporate Democracy Order whose survival; as with the survival of its sub corporations, franchises, municipalities, banks, etc., depend on its continued practice of unconstitutional and gross deprivation of Human Rights against the Aboriginal/Indigenous peoples in the Americas and cultures across the globe. Your united participation and International intervention is needed to stop the greed, deception, conflict, bloodshed and destruction perpetrated against the people by way of this abomination that is operated and controlled by colonizing foreign Albion European men. COLONIALISM is the establishment, exploitation, maintenance, acquisition, and expansion of colony in one territory by a political power from another territory. It is a set of unequal relationships between the colonial power and the indigenous population. Moreover, this is a grassroots invitation for Aboriginal/Indigenous American people to mobilize against the unlawful colonization and occupation of Aboriginal/Indigenous Lands by the foreign European UNITED STATES acting in lieu of lawful government. This invitation is a DEMAND that 1) the UNLAWFUL UNITED STATES DISBAND, and that the organic United States for America Republic Constitution be enforced; 2) Aboriginal/Indigenous Peoples FIRE ALL TRUSTEES; RE-CLAIM AND RE-GAIN ALL BIRTHRIGHT LANDS AND RE-CLAIM SELF-GOVERNANCE; 3) ESTABLISH A NATIONAL DRIVE TO PREPARE THE NATIONALS TO CAST A FREE NATIONAL BALLOT of honest trustworthy Moors and friends of the Moors to reestablish amity in accord with the five universal principles for North America; 4) REESTABLISH INDEPENDENCE AND NATIONAL FREEDOM BY THE PEOPLE - FOR THE PEOPLE, far removed from corrupt foreign Albion European colonial feudal imperialism – with the guidance of the Moorish National Republic Divine and National Movement of the World, and the International Proclamation for Aboriginal Indigenous Natural Peoples in North-West Amexem North America.



a. Stop the Roman Order Colonial system from slaughtering Asiatic/African Children in North America

b. Establish a Nationwide Nationality Reclamation Drive to prepare the Nationals to cast a Free National Ballot

c. Enforce the Organic Republic Constitution and bring unlawful UNITED STATES CORPORATE UNSANCTIONED DEMOCRACY GOVERNMENT criminals to international justice

d. Begin National Re-Education and promote the correction of history; a transformation to higher learning, and home universities.

e. End unlawful Federal Reserve System with its private corporate commercial paper, and the release of held mineral resources and rights to the rightful Aboriginal/Indigenous Peoples

f. End corrupt uncivilized for-profit criminal justice system of the European Penal/Penance Jails and Prison Industrial Complex

g. Disband organized private contractor police gangs; the unlawful judicial and/or legal institutions, and invasion of the natural people’s life, liberty, and property.

h. Begin just compensation to immoral perpetrators of organized International Crimes Against Humanity   

i. End all forms of feudal system thief and bureaucratized human trafficking through stock market birth certificate, marriage certificate, mortgage fraud, etc. 

j. End all other forms of for-profit human trafficking

k. End genocide thorough Christian Black Codes of cruelty and murder; planned parenthood, child protective services, legalized water and food poisoning through corporate pharmaceutical companies

l. End of forced servitude and peonage

m. End the for-profit Sickness Industry

n. End All other inequities and/or injustices not expressly mentioned

o. Corporations wanting to do business on Aboriginal/Indigenous Lands must afford tribute to the Aboriginal/Indigenous peoples, and mandate environmental friendliness or vacate Aboriginal/Indigenous lands.

p. Afford restitution for all current and past injuries for crimes committed against the Aboriginal/Indigenous Peoples.