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Abolish the TSA and restore Civil Liberties and Freedoms


Abolish the TSA and their Gestapo style operations. The implementation of the TSA is a direct violation of the First,Fourth,Eighth and Tenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution along with the Gestapo style use of vehicle checkpoints on highways (VIPR teams), the perpetual crimes committed by TSA Agents(theft, prostitution rings, possession of child pornography, humiliation of the elderly and disabled), a network of citizen spies as well as many other subtle erosions of civil liberties carried out by the TSA.
Please support the STRIP Act HR 3608, sponsored by Representative
Marsha Blackburn,R-TN. Please petition your State Government officials to abolish the TSA and restore the Tenth Amendment guarantee for States Rights.


Links of interest:’-crimes.html

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